This course is for anyone who wants to learn to how to paint on the iPad. Painting on the iPad is an amazing experience that you will love.  The iPad is the new canvas for artists, you now can create art anywhere anytime without all the supplies traditional artists use.

 I start off the course with video showing you the layout and features of ArtStudio. Then I take you step by step through the painting process using all the different tools, brushes and options of ArtStudio with videos of a botanical painting of sweet peas. People that have never painting before will find it an amazing experience.

The course is 2 hours, however I would take the time and just relax and have fun. As a professional artist I know the more you paint you will feel positive with your results. Once you start painting with the iPad it will open your eyes to a new world. 

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Learning the features of ArtStudio and painting on the iPad

    • Learning the layout of ArtStudio.

    • The Layout Of ArtStudio Video

    • Top Menu in ArtStudio

    • Top Menu in ArtStudio Video

    • ArtStudio painting tools in the left toolbar

    • ArtStudio painting tools in the left toolbar Video

    • ArtStudio painting tools in the right toolbar.

    • ArtStudio painting tools in the right toolbar Video

    • ArtStudio bottom toolbar

    • ArtStudio Bottom Toolbar Video

    • Sweet Pea 1

    • Sweet Pea 1Video

    • Sweet Pea 2

    • Sweet Pea 2 Video

    • Sweet Pea 3

    • Sweet Pea 3 Video

    • Sweet Pea 4

    • Sweet Pea 4 Video

    • Sweet Pea 5

    • Sweet Pea 5 Video

    • Sweet Pea 6

    • Sweet Pea 6 Video

    • Sweet Pea 7

    • Sweet Pea 7 Video

    • Sweet Pea 8

    • Sweet Pea 8 Video

    • Sweet Pea 9

    • Sweet Pea 9 Video

    • Sweet Pea 10

    • Sweet Pea 10 Video

    • Sweet Pea 11

    • Sweet Pea 11 Video

    • Thank You For Taking The Couse


Professional Artist

Corliss Blakely

Corliss Blakely, an established professional artist and seventh generation Vermonter, painted still Life and landscapes in a classically realist style.Corliss received her formal art training in Boston where she studied at the Vesper George Art School and The Museum School Of Fine Art.Corliss is an internationally recognized artist for her work in several media, including watercolor, oil, and egg tempera. Her paintings hang in collections worldwide.She is now painting on the iPhone and iPad, which has “opened up a new world for artists,” she says. “The world is changing and artists now have a new canvas to create on.” Corliss has translated her meticulous sharp focus technique in oils to these new technologies.Corliss now has an online courses on learning to paint on the iPad.

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